Drug Tolerances for Army Soldiers

• Certo Or Sure-Jell Method

This is the most popular method used as a last-minute result. You only need to get a packet of Certo and put in a bottle of Gatorade. If you don’t have certo, you can use any other fruit pectin. The mixture should be drank 3 to 4 hours before the drug test.

Additionally, you should urinate 3 to 4 times before giving a sample for testing. This is to ensure that the drug is out of your body and the concentrated mixture is also out.

3. Blood Drug Test

Blood drug tests don’t look for toxins and metabolites. They look for the drug traces in your system. They are the most suitable drug tests as they determine your current intoxication level, not your long term consumption.

However, the test is quite expensive, which makes it less popular. For you to carry out this drug test, you need to be a licensed medical expert.

a. How To Conduct The Test

This test can only be done in a clinic or laboratory. Your employers schedule you a visit to the clinic to provide a blood sample. Blood is drawn from your forearm by an expert. This is to ensure that your veins are not injected wrongly. The results are given to your employer after a couple of days.

b. How To Pass The Test

• Abstain From Drug

A blood test is very accurate, and the best way to pass the drug test is to stay away from drugs. If you smoke weed, you need to stay away for at least four days; this is if you are a casual user. However, if you use drugs regularly, you need to stay away from the drug for at least ten days.

This will ensure that any drug traces are not visible in your blood. Additionally, aim at staying away from people who smoke weed. As this will ensure that you don’t inhale the drug as a passive smoker. Also, you will have a high chance of abstinence if the people around you are not taking the drug.

• Keep Hydrated

Water is usually the key to all your problems. You want clear skin drink enough water. You want to lose weight, drink enough water. You want to detox drink water. If you want to have a healthy life, keep drinking enough water.

Water helps you get rid of any drug traces in your body. This happens by detox your body and cleansing your blood to get rid of the drugs. Also, it ensures that your blood has enough water and the toxins are out of your body. Being hydrated helps cleanse your blood, and you have high chances of passing a drug test.

• Eat Properly

You want your body and blood to be clean and get rid of all the toxins. You should aim at helping your body achieve this. You can do this by watching what you are eating and putting in your body.

Eating a lot of junk and fatty foods are not great for your body’s health. You need to learn to eat healthy meals. Aim at eating more vegetables and fruits. This will help in detoxing your body and getting rid of any toxic substances in your body. Also, it will ensure that any drug traces are eliminated in your body.

c. Last-Minute Detox Methods

If you don’t have time, and you need to ensure that your blood has no traces of drugs. You can try the last minute detox methods. These methods flush out any toxins in your body and traces of drugs. Although they don’t have a wide window. You need to use the detox methods a few hours before drug testing.

• Specialized Last Minute Detox Products

All the detox products that are used for urine test can still be used for a blood test. These products work for a short period. You need to use the method a few hours before you take the drug test.

The method works depending on how frequent you use the drug. If you use the drugs occasionally, there are higher chances that you will pass this drug test. If you are a heavy user, your blood may be concentrated with the drugs more.

This means that you need to combine a detox plan with the last-minute products. Drugs are detectable in the blood for a shorter period as compared to urine. Which means that a two-day detox routine can be enough to remove any traces of drugs from your blood.

• Certo Method

Most of the detoxing methods that work for urine test can also work for a blood test. Certo method works perfectly for a blood test. You need to mix a packet of Certo in a 32 oz. Bottle of Gatorade. Mix the mixture thoroughly and drink it an hour before the test. Certo method is preferred since it doesn’t have any side effects.

4. Hair Drug Test

A hair test is usually the hardest test to beat. Moreover, the hair drug test has the longest drug detection period. A hair drug test can detect traces of drugs that were taken a week ago. For you to pass this drug test, the best method is to abstain from drugs if your company carries random drug tests.

A hair drug test can be used to test if you have taken drugs in the past months or even years. Since half an inch represents hair growth for the past one. If the company wants the best drug test method, then the use of hair can be the best solution.

Luckily most companies are not concerned on if you tool drugs a few years back. Then need to know if you take drugs recently, which could affect your performance. This is used to protect your rights since you might have been using drugs a long time ago, but now you are sober.

A hair drug test is usually done on one and a half inches of hair that is close to the scalp. This means that they detect if you have been using drugs for the last 90 days.

a. How To Conduct A Hair Drug Test

You need to report to the clinic or the laboratory on your scheduled time. A hair sample is taken by the technician or doctor. They usually take one and a half inches of hair from your scalp for drug testing.

If you happen to be bald, you can use any other body hair. If they take a hair sample from your head, they usually use the back of your head. The results are released after a few days.

5. Steroid Drug Test

Steroids are mainly used by athletes and bodybuilders to build up their muscle strengths. The use of steroids to enhance strength is a crime, and any athlete found doping is eliminated from the competition. Also, people who need strength for their everyday jobs may use steroids to boost their strength.

• Abstain From Steroids

Abstinence is the key to passing any drug test. If you want to pass the drug test, simply stop using the drug. You can stop using the drug test for a few days before drug testing is carried out. This will ensure that the level of steroids in your blood can’t be detected.

• Get A Urine Sample From A Friend

When you know that you are on steroids and there are higher chances you might fail the test try using a friends urine to pass the test. This can be difficult to pass the urine as you are being monitored.

Some people try using someone else urine in their bladder by the use of a catheter. This process is very painful and risky. It can cause you to get an infection even when performed by a professional doctor.

• Blood Donation

To get rid of the amounts of steroids in your body, you can try donating blood after a few months. This will be a helping act, and you could be saving a life somewhere. Also, this will work to your advantage as you will be getting rid of the extra steroids in a safe way.


Are you thinking of how to pass a drug test? There are ways that you can cheat on a drug test and pass. You need to know that the best way to pass a drug test by abstinence. However, you can use some methods like detoxing to ensure that you pass the drug test.

A drug test is a thorough and technical analysis of a specimen to determine the presence, or lack thereof, of illegal or prohibited drugs and substances in the human body. These include heroin, marijuana, cocaine, morphine, alcohol, steroids, methadone and antidepressants among others. Drug testing can also be carried out to test for metabolites of the illegal or prohibited drugs and to determine the level of intoxication from the substances consumed. The analysis may range from simple instantaneous tests to slow and sophisticated ones that could detect substances consumed up to 90 days prior to the test.

How are the drug tests administered?

Drug tests usually utilize biological specimens that may include hair, blood, saliva, urine, sweat, breath, nails or any other bodily fluid. The specimen is usually taken just before the test to prevent cheating and contamination. Once the specimen is acquired, it is analyzed by qualified and experienced personnel in a controlled environment and the results documented. The sample must be analyzed as soon as possible in a sterile environment to prevent contamination that could lead to nullification of the results or disputes.

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