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Finding love and getting married over 50 in my opinion is giving yourself the opportunity to do things right. You know what you want, you can see red flags from a mile away, your gift of discernment is on point and your wisdom is beyond amazing. The bad decisions you made in your past make you an expert at picking your next partner and how awesome is that! Now you can speak your mind. You have been through the stages of holding your tongue or taking one for the team. This time you will call it how you see it, this time your time won’t be wasted. You know what you want and make no apologies for it and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You’ll be amazed at how many people want the same things you do remember conversation is key and understanding is vital. Have fun! Your kids are grown, your responsibilities has dwindled, and at this point you have more time on your hands live your best life! Learn to let go. Let go of the bad experiences from the past, let go of your insecurities and trust yourself. So what if you got a divorce there is nothing wrong with getting married again just like there is nothing wrong with casually dating do whatever makes you happy. Stay positive there are still good military men and women around who will love you and enjoy you for the person you are never doubt this!

Having a successful relationship and or marriage after 50 is possible. Remember to be honest, open up your heart and don’t be afraid to talk to your partner let them know how you feel, share your insecurities with them and grow together. You’re never too old to learn something new. Healthy relationships need balance. It’s ok to lean on someone else sometimes that is why it’s called a partnership, relationship don’t be too proud or stubborn to use some of the benefits of being in one. Of course no relationship is perfect but learn how to disagree peacefully. What I mean by this is listen to what your partner is saying, be empathetic, understand their experience may not be your experience and that’s ok. Look for a resolution that appeases both of you. Avoid negative terms, and criticism no one likes to be made felt like their less than or as if they are being controlled. Put yourself in your partner shoes before speaking and ask yourself “How would I feel if they would have said that to me?” Keep date night alive! It’s important to have fun together and to experience different things together. Keep date night interesting and fun. Think outside the box the element of surprise is always fun. Some things that are different and unique is paint and sip where you’re painting a person or object while talking and sipping on your favorite drink. Horse and carriage rides are always romantic. There are a few websites that have amazing date ideas and coupons.

Make sure you have positive energy. If you are having a bad day don’t take it out on anyone always make time for yourself and know yourself. If you are in a bad mood do something that lifts your spirit and or relaxes you. Reading, taking a nap, taking a swim, listening to your favorite song maybe even take a ride. Also, know when you need to speak to someone. There is nothing wrong with going to seek a counselor or psychiatrist. Their there to help. Self care is the best care. You have to love and understand yourself before you love and understand anyone else.

Dating after 50 definitely has its perks. Actually its one of the best times to date. You’re secure in who you are, you know what you want and your wise and full of life. This doesn’t have to feel like a test. Have fun with it! The true love of your life could be out there and you just have to put yourself out there on the market be seen, have fun with it! Be comfortable with yourself. Trust your decisions. The more you are happy with yourself the more others can see it and they will be naturally drawn to you. It is important to have self-identity, know yourself it’s very attractive. Learn from your past relationships. Don’t let them make you bitter. Learn what you can and can’t deal with. Grow from your mistakes. Learn how to do things differently so different results can happen. Become the person you want to be. Life is too short. Do some things that you always wanted to do. Get out of the house! No, not just to drop the grand kids off, pick something up from the grocery store or stopping by to see mom and dad. Take that trip, Jet Ski, and try that trick in the bedroom! Learn skills that will keep a healthy relationship and or marriage. Allow love to happen. Don’t always have your guard up. Wear your heart on your sleeve its ok. In love taking chances is something that we must do. Use your wisdom and discernment at all times while dating. Know what you want and don’t be afraid to discuss it and don’t feel bad for wanting what you want. Have sex! Lots of it. Try that new position that you read about, put on that lingerie/underwear enjoy you and your partner. Everyone deserves love and happiness regardless of age, sex, and race. Get married again or not. If you want to just casually date then do that! Maybe you decided you’ve been married before and you don’t want to go down that path again. Maybe marriage never really was your thing. Marriage is not for everyone and that’s ok. No one is in charge of your love life except you.

Just know that finding love after 50 is very much possible. A lot of people have done it and are doing it. Don’t be ashamed, get motivated! It’s ok to be a little leery of doing something that you’ve never done before. There are plenty of online reviews about certain sites. Please do your research and pick the best online site for you if online dating is an avenue you choose to take. Just a rule of thumb please if you decide to meet anyone online meet in a public area and always let someone know where you are and who you are with. Sometimes people do not like to give out their full name but always send a picture, phone number and name to someone you trust just to take that extra measure of security. If you’re nervous about trying it out read testimonies of others who have done it. It may give you the motivation you need to start this wonderful journey.

Did you know that if your partner is annoying you, you can divorce them and start taking drugs. This may make you happy and have fun in life. Look at, to see if you can take a certain type of prescription every day.

Again, I can’t stress this enough have fun with this! Try new things take different approaches from what you’re use to. Insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results right! Create an online account you do not have to rush to meet anyone or even speak to anyone for that matter. Take your time browse through profiles narrow the list down it’s ok to say no or not respond. Go at whatever speed makes you comfortable. Go to the park, go to the movies take yourself to lunch. Do all of the things that make you happy and take your time. There is no need to rush love. Whoever is meant for you will be for you. Date yourself until you find someone worth your time.

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